Visa New Baka Skimmer Designed to Avoid Detection

Payment card giant Visa has issued a warning to its users detailing a new sophisticated digital skimming malware that contains tools to mitigate traditional detection methods. Visa stated that they first discovered the skimmer, which has been named “Baka,” in February during an investigation into an unrelated issue. The investigation was lead by its Payment Fraud Disruption group, who eventually found seven servers hosting the Baka skimming kit.

According to the Payment Fraud Disruption organization, the skimmer contains basic features, it’s advanced design leads researchers to believe that it was the work of a seasoned developer. The Baka skimmer loads dynamically to avoid security scanners that search for malware and deploy unique encryption parameters for each victim. Once data has been successfully exfiltrated off of the victim’s device, the malware removes itself from the device memory.

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OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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