6 Employees of U.S. Charity Killed in Attack in Pakistan

“Six Pakistani employees of the American Christian charity World Vision were gunned down Wednesday, and seven others were wounded in an attack on the aid group’s offices in a remote village in northern Pakistan. “

Pakistani authorities said about a dozen masked militants stormed the building at about 9:30 a.m., pulled the staff members out of their offices and herded them into a single room, then started shooting indiscriminately. The attackers set off a bomb as they left, destroying the offices, which are located in North-West Frontier Province, in the village of Oghi, near the disputed region of Kashmir.

A spokesman for World Vision said the attackers robbed the employees and stole computers and telephones from the office before opening fire.

(Source: 6 Employees of U.S. Charity Killed in Attack in Pakistan – NYTimes.com.)

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