Attacks Show al-Qaida-Inspired Groups Target West

“From Detroit to Afghanistan, scattered terrorists inspired and equipped by al-Qaida have attacked recently with surprising speed and worldwide reach, challenging the U.S. strategy of slowly and deliberately targeting the terror group’s top leaders.

Counterterror officials and other experts say the botched Christmas Day airliner bombing and the Dec. 30 assault at a CIA base in Afghanistan demonstrate that al-Qaida and its supporters can react quickly when opportunities arise.

The new attacks, plotted by local militants as opposed to al-Qaida’s core group, also warn of the possibility of new mini-fronts in the war on terrorism that could stretch American resources even more thinly across the globe. They come as U.S. forces are focusing on the Taliban in Afghanistan and al-Qaida in Pakistan.”

(Source: Attacks Show al-Qaida-Inspired Groups Target West – NYTimes.com)

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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