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The Numbers Are In

In as much as a blog is something of an exercise in self-indulgence, it is nevertheless nice to get a sense of who you are reaching. For those who are keen on knowing who your fellow readers are:

  • Over 85% of you are registered as coming from a .com, which is good because it means you’re reading us rather than mowing the lawn or shoveling the walk or helping your spouse with the dishes. Household bliss can be over-rated.

  • Just over 10% of you are visiting from federal entity of some sort (I’m counting beltway bandits in this category too), which is good, but also bad because it means you’re defrauding Uncle Sam of his fair days work. Get back to washingtonpost.com and claim you’re doing OSINT.

  • Just about 1% of you are visiting from some state government address of one sort or another, which means some Governor is being defrauded.

  • Just about 2% of you are visiting from an educational domain, which is nice because it means you’re learning something. Maybe not from us, but from someone.

No, that isn’t 100%, but I’m being alternately generous or stingy in my rounding.

I hope all of you are being informed and enlightened and possibly entertained. Your feedback – positive or negative – is always appreciated.

Michael Tanji

Michael Tanji

Michael Tanji spent nearly 20 years in the US intelligence community. Trained in both SIGINT and HUMINT disciplines he has worked at the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, and the National Reconnaissance Office. At various points in his career he served as an expert in information warfare, computer network operations, computer forensics, and indications and warning. A veteran of the US Army, Michael has served in both strategic and tactical assignments in the Pacific Theater, the Balkans, and the Middle East.