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Living the Motto?

The FBI Motto: Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity

Her fidelity I can’t speak to . . . whatever bravery she had when she blew the whistle on stupid-headquarters-tricks has long past . . . and as far as integrity, well, read on (from Captain’s Quarters):

[…] former FBI agent and whistleblower Coleen Rowley […] has descended far into the fever swamp during her brief yet notorious campaign to unseat [MN Congressman] Mr. Kline. W[…] she decided to depict the Marine Corps veteran as a Nazi

There was a time when she was worth listening to. She was someone who risked her career and reputation (see Edmonds, Tice, Shaffer, etc.) to speak out about terrible mistakes that were being made; mistakes that would ultimately cost thousands of lives. What a shame that she’s now willing to use the imagery of people who took millions of lives to win political points.

If the goal of the Rowley campaign was to get into office and try to overhaul the system, well, let me introduce you to a guy I like to call “failure.”

Not to get all political . . .

Michael Tanji

Michael Tanji

Michael Tanji spent nearly 20 years in the US intelligence community. Trained in both SIGINT and HUMINT disciplines he has worked at the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, and the National Reconnaissance Office. At various points in his career he served as an expert in information warfare, computer network operations, computer forensics, and indications and warning. A veteran of the US Army, Michael has served in both strategic and tactical assignments in the Pacific Theater, the Balkans, and the Middle East.