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Does the name “Hanssen” ring any bells?

As far as FBI CI goes, confidence remains high:


By the government’s own account, FBI analyst Leandro Aragoncillo was spying in plain sight. He rummaged through FBI computers for intelligence reports unrelated to his work and then e-mailed the classified documents to opposition leaders in the Philippines.


He had traveled more than a dozen times to the Asian country on personal business since 2000. And records show he carried debt of at least a half-million dollars: on Marine retirement pay and an entry-level FBI salary.


But for at least seven months, the bureau that makes catching spies its No. 2 mission after fighting terrorism missed signs of espionage in its own ranks: again.


Safeguards the FBI put in place after it was rocked by the Robert Hanssen spy scandal in 2001 failed to raise red flags about Aragoncillo’s activities, according to interviews and court papers reviewed by The Associated Press.[ . . .]


The FBI acknowledged it did not suspect Aragoncillo until the tipoff from Customs but said it eventually would have detected its analyst’s behavior.


“I’m confident our security procedures would have picked this up,” said Leslie Wiser Jr., head of the FBI’s New Jersey office and a lead investigator in the 1994 spy case against CIA officer Aldrich Ames. “I’m glad we didn’t have to wait for that; we’ll take it any way we can.”


I told you they were competent confident.


Must see about getting my own Ouija board . . .

Michael Tanji

Michael Tanji

Michael Tanji spent nearly 20 years in the US intelligence community. Trained in both SIGINT and HUMINT disciplines he has worked at the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, and the National Reconnaissance Office. At various points in his career he served as an expert in information warfare, computer network operations, computer forensics, and indications and warning. A veteran of the US Army, Michael has served in both strategic and tactical assignments in the Pacific Theater, the Balkans, and the Middle East.