11 May 2016

Pentagon chief overhauls Silicon Valley office, will open similar unit in Boston

“Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter will overhaul one of his signature efforts, placing new leadership in charge of the Pentagon’s office in Silicon Valley just nine months after it opened and directing the staff there to report directly to him. Carter will also establish a sister unit in Boston, which

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09 May 2016

Twitter is banning US spy agencies from using a service that can detect terrorist attacks early

“Twitter has reportedly banned US intelligence agencies from using Dataminr, a service it partially owns that provides real-time alerts for breaking news like natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and actionable business events.” Source: Twitter bans US spy agencies from Dataminr: report – Business Insider

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04 Apr 2016

DOD wants tools to support cyberstrategy

“In June or July, DOD’s Rapid Reaction Technology Office, whose mandate is to ‘provide a hedge against technical uncertainty,’ will host a demonstration session for firms to show off their technical capabilities, according to a DOD notice. Defense officials are looking for capabilities listed under categories such as situational awareness;

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29 Mar 2016

Why ISIS Is Winning the Social Media War

“The Islamic State recognized the power of digital media early on, when its brutish progenitor, Jordanian jihadist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, discovered the utility of uploading grainy videos of his atrocities to the Internet. As the group evolved, its propagandists surpassed and humiliated their bitter rivals in al Qaeda by placing

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28 Mar 2016

The Dark Web Is Too Slow and Annoying for Terrorists

“So why aren’t jihadis taking advantage of running dark web sites? Rid and Moore don’t know for sure, but they guess that it’s for the same reason so few other people publish information on the dark web: It’s just too fiddly. ‘Hidden services are sometimes slow, and not as stable

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17 Mar 2016

How the CIA is Making Sense of Big Data

“In a rare public appearance at Tuesday’s Cloudera Federal Forum, which was hosted by the custom events unit of Nextgov’s parent company, Government Executive Media Group, Hallman said the CIA’s old information collection strategies couldn’t ‘withstand the accelerating rate of information’ produced globally or ‘keep pace with policymakers’ more rapid need

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13 Mar 2016

US Bets $100 Million on Machines That Think More Like Humans

“And now the government is pushing forward what is perhaps the most high-risk, high-reward project of our time: brain-like artificial intelligence. And they’re betting $100 million that they’ll succeed in next decade. Led by IARPA and a part of the larger BRAIN Initiative, the MICrONS (Machine Intelligence from Cortical Networks)

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13 Mar 2016

At Japan’s Fukushima nuclear complex, robots aiding the cleanup after 2011 disaster

“Experts say that more than 100 types of robots are active at Fukushima, including scores of modifications on a handful of basic designs. They’ve been likened to scorpions, snakes, giraffes and amphibians. They fly, walk, crawl and make underwater maneuvers, braving dust, debris and doses of radiation that could kill

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10 Mar 2016

Google’s artificial intelligence program, AlphaGo, just won its second Go match against a human

“Go is an ancient game—invented, legend has it, by the mythical First Emperor of China, for the instruction of his son. It is played all over East Asia, where it occupies roughly the same position as chess does in the West. It is popular with computer scientists, too. For AI

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02 Mar 2016

DOD to Establish Innovation Advisory Board

“Today, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced plans to establish a Defense Innovation Advisory Board. The new board is an effort to enhance DoD’s culture, organization and processes by tapping innovators from the private sector, in Silicon Valley and beyond. It represents Secretary Carter’s enduring commitment to building lasting partnerships

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