North Korea Stolen Approximately $1B of Cryptocurrency in 2022

The most worrisome trend in crypto crime is the startling increase in funds stolen from DeFi protocols, particularly the cross-chain bridges. A significant portion of the value stolen through Defi protocols can be traced back to malicious actors with ties to North Korea. Highly skilled hacking groups such as Lazarus Group have taken credit for some of the thefts. According to data from TradingPlatform, North Korea is responsible for the theft of almost $1B worth of cryptos in 2022. Speaking on the data, TradingPlatform’s analyst Edith Reads said. “There has been a series of attacks on DeFi platforms. The attacks seem well organized and coordinated. However, there are measures in place by different players in the crypto space to overcome this. $30 million of stolen crypto recovered from North Korean hackers gives hope. It is a win for every crypto enthusiast.

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OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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