Will Regulations Benefit The Cryptocurrency Market in The Long-Run

The crypto market exhibits a wide spectrum of opportunities for everyone including investors and regulators. The Crypto market is an ecosystem in itself pertaining to centralized and decentralized financial systems. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) allows market participants to work freely without any hindrance from single-control authorities. Whereas centralized finance is a circle where there is a single entity keeping an eye over everything. The crypto market is no less than an ocean with millions of opportunities connecting various ends such Cryptocoins, NFT, altcoins, metaverse, and even Web3. But the question is what will happen if this ocean goes unseen, unregulated, untouched? Possibilities are, it will give rise to various illicit activities. Crypto market is probably similar. When taking DeFi into the picture, the transactions are not regulated by any single entity. This creates a small but a harmful gap in the industry for the bad actors to slip in. However, like it’s wisely said, every coin has two sides. Centralized finance is the other side of the coin which offers a centralized space for the users. This helps the market entrants to understand the market flow and how transactions take place.

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OODA Analyst

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