Domain spoofing on the rise as cybercriminals see some crypto sites as a ‘perfect target’

The crypto industry has become synonymous with hacks. The blockchain intelligence firm Chainalysis found that criminal hackers stole approximately $3.2 billion in 2021—a 516% increase from 2020. With governments tackling ransomware attacks, hackers are turning to different techniques. A new report from the cybersecurity company Bitdefender found that website spoofing—or attacks where cybercriminals create international domain names that imitate a target’s domain name—has become one of the most prevalent new strategies. According to Bitdefender’s analysis, websites such as and Binance compose a staggering 77% of spoofing attacks for the 10 most-targeted websites. Facebook, by comparison, accounts for 9%. “It’s like a perfect target for these actors,” said Martin Zugec, the technical solutions director at Bitdefender. Neither nor Binance provided data on spoofing attacks, but each said it was vigilant in addressing them. “We use both internal and external tools to detect phishing websites at various user lifecycle stages, from domain name registration to a website going live,” Jimmy Su, Binance’s chief security officer, told Fortune. “Any detected phishing websites are taken down through multiple third-party vendor services.”

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