This new Wi-Fi 6e mesh router uses the blockchain to secure your passwords

While most of the best Wi-Fi 6 routers have built-in security, Gryphon’s new Wi-Fi 6E router is one of just a few that will use Blockchain for this purpose; through a project called MetaSafe, it will protect passwords and other valuable information. Although a single Gryphon 6E can provide a strong Wi-Fi signal to a 3,000 square foot home, Gryphon will also sell a two-pack that can cover a 6,000 square foot home as well as a four-pack which provides 12,000 square feet of coverage. At the time of writing, a single Gryphon 6E can be had for $239 on Kickstarter, though the price will increase to $399 when Gryphon’s first Wi-Fi 6E router begins shipping in December of this year. The Gryphon 6E will be the first mesh router to ship with MetaSafe which is an all-new Web3 blockchain powered by the company’s routers. Although MetaSafe is technically a fork of the Ethereum and Harmony projects, Gryphon is using a unique proof-of-bandwidth and proof-of-memory validation to make it possible to enable a utility blockchain to be run on low cost processors. The company says its routers are ideal for running MetaSafe as they’re always powered on, connected and include plenty of built-in memory.

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