Forrester Report Cautions About Web3 Security

The next generation web — Web3 — has been hailed as more secure than the current incarnation of cyberspace, but a report released Tuesday warns that may not be so. While Web3 may be difficult to subvert on an infrastructure level, there are other points of attack that may offer threat actors more opportunity for mischief than can be found in the legacy web, according to the report from Forrester, a national technology research company. Web3 applications, including NFTs, aren’t just vulnerable to attack; they often present a broader attack surface than conventional applications due to the distributed nature of blockchains, Forrester reported. Further, it added, Web3 apps are desirable targets because tokens can be worth substantial sums of money. The openness of Web3, which is supposed to be one of its chief benefits, can be a detriment, too. “Code that’s running on a public blockchain is easily accessible, by anybody with the required technical skills, from anywhere in the world — no need to penetrate any corporate defenses in getting to it,” observed Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Martha Bennett, who is also a co-author of the report.

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