How Blockchain is Disrupting Secure Messaging

Blockchain is evolving into a new foundation for the internet. What began as a closed web is transitioning into an open source system driven by decentralized systems. Every sector is now adopting this technology to better serve its customers. Social communication, in particular, is seeing a lot of promise from blockchain solutions. Popular messaging apps like Instagram and Meta have joined the Web3 bandwagon, offering blockchain solutions like cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. On the other hand, a wave of new blockchain-based messaging apps are emerging with innovative solutions. Security, privacy, secured micro-payments, and enhanced user experience are some of the key offerings of these upcoming projects. Blockchain is opening doors to unexplored trillion-dollar opportunities in the communication sector. This technology’s permissionless, trustless, and open-source nature promises to eliminate legacy problems that have plagued the messaging application.

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OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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