How Secure Is the Ethereum Sitting in Your MetaMask Wallet?

It’s been an unrelenting week for MetaMask developers. Reacting to the news that $4.5 million worth of funds had been drained from thousands of software wallets on Solana, the team behind MetaMask far and away the most popular software wallet for Ethereum and Ethereum-compatible networks combed through the wallet’s codebase to make sure users would not be affected by a similar hack. That kind of fire drill has been repeated elsewhere. On reports that the Near Wallet might have a vulnerability similar to the hacked Solana wallets, the protocol’s Twitter account said Thursday night that it’s “highly recommended” users change their security settings. Scanning for vulnerabilities after there’s been an exploit is one way that developers handle security. Ideally, they find them before they’ve been exploited. MetaMask has said previously that it’s working to reorganize its teams to better respond to security issues, but there are signs that it’s struggling to keep up.

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OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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