Cybersecurity Threats in Crypto Exchanges Everyone Should Know

Cybercriminals have begun coming up with ways to exploit the unexpected rise in value and importance of cryptocurrencies in their hunt for more profitable schemes. Malware that mines cryptocurrencies has become a popular way to earn money and is a viable alternative to ransomware. Cybercriminals have turned to utilize a variety of tools and strategies aimed to target cryptocurrency exchange customers, steal their money, or steal their personal information. Remember, cryptocurrency-mining malware is not the only type of danger associated with cryptocurrencies. Users may purchase and sell digital assets like bitcoin and ether on cryptocurrency exchanges. Binance, Bitfinex, Kucoin, and Bittrex are a few examples. They are one of the most popular targets for hackers wanting to profit from cryptocurrency-related scams since they serve as the “middle man” for bitcoin trading. This is frequently accomplished either by hacking the exchanges or by using dubious or completely false platforms. By providing tools and software that are falsely marketed as “assistance” for cryptocurrency traders, cybercriminals frequently take advantage of people’s thirst for money.

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OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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