Crypto winter freezes into North Korea`s $2b stolen digital assets

Since the beginning of this year, the cryptocurrency market has been in a tailspin. The current crypto winter may be long and severe. On the other hand, some investors remain hopeful that the tides will turn. The effects of the crypto winter have spread throughout the market, affecting individual and government investors. El Salvador has seen its share of the crypto winter. On the other hand, North Korea claims the title “most impacted nation.” Experts claim that the deepening crypto winter jeopardizes a crucial source of funding for North Korea’s weapons programs. It is uncertain how much crypto the Pyongyang regime has amassed over time, but it will undoubtedly be considerable. A report by Bloomberg puts the total crypto stash at about $2 billion. According to reports, the crypto winter jeopardizes North Korea’s main source of funding and weapons projects. In recent years, North Korea has invested considerable energy into cryptocurrency theft. In March, the country’s actions jeopardized global financial stability and resulted in one of the most lucrative cryptocurrency robberies on record. According to the US Treasury, North Korea allegedly stole almost $615 million in a carefully coordinated hack.

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