Using Tech to Build Supply Chain Resilience in a Changing World

Proper supply chain management is critical to smooth business operation, agility and profitability. Beyond coordination, resilience is a key quality required for supply chain management. Covid-19 related supply chain disruptions have affected most industries. Vast numbers of companies across the globe experienced troubles during Covid-19, impacting shipment timing, costs, efficiency and revenues. These impacts highlight the importance of building a supply chain that can weather a storm and be capable of quick recovery. Technology is critical to this. There’s a range of great tech that can aid supply chain resilience. Let’s explore the global supply chain in today’s world and how you can build strength and resilience into yours. Managing supply chains can be tricky, given that a minor problem in one link on the chain can affect the whole network. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Covid-19 has exposed plenty of vulnerability in supply chains as companies buckled under the pressure of supply, demand and the ability-to-service shocks. While restrictions are easing and borders are reopening across the globe, several challenges remain, including labor shortages and equipment availability. However, in the midst of all this, consumer demands continue to evolve. With the acceleration of ecommerce, customers are used to (and expect) fast delivery and seamless experiences.

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OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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