Making the Metaverse Safe For Everyone

Unlike any other time in history, the past decade has shown us the power of technology to transform our working and personal lives. Technology-enabled shopping, banking and working from any location made the restrictions from COVID-19 more manageable. We are also getting a hint of the power that big data, AI and machine learning will bring to our everyday lives through personalized virtual experiences, smart utilities and AI-driven health care. This recent lifestyle transformation was driven, in part, using personal data and it is this information that will power the Metaverse. We know the privacy and integrity issues of having our personal data used in virtual environments: data breaches, identity theft, fraud and misappropriated inforamtion. In these situations, however, especially when it comes to social media, we as users likely consented to our information being used, stored or published at some time and in some way. This is where the Metaverse differs. The Metaverse’s potential is endless. Along with the question of “Who will be in the metaverse?” consumers and businesses also should be asking, “How much of my identity do I want the metaverse to have?”

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OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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