What the War in Ukraine Means

Amid the largely kinetic activity involving the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, numerous shifts in the cyber landscape are occurring. Leading up to the military invasion, Putin made overtures of cyber recourse to his global opponents. Over the last week, the cyber tables turned against him. In addition to Ukraine’s cyber offensive operations, Russia has been hit by cyber-attacks from vigilante groups like Anonymous and recruits worldwide. Also, when the banks closed, the ATMs in Ukraine quickly ran out of hard currency. Many Ukrainian citizens then turned to cryptocurrency to pay for their gas and groceries. Suddenly, the concept of decentralized finance made sense in a real-world scenario. Central banks aren’t functioning. So, out of cash, how do we pay for things? Crypto is the answer. The mysterious hacking collective, Anonymous, made public overtures against Moscow, promising to attack the cyber infrastructure of the Russian state. Shortly after their first announcement, Russian government websites began going offline, culminating in a dump of confidential documents from the Ministry of Nuclear Safety in Moscow on the file share site Mega. They have continued their cyber offensive over the last month, hitting Russian web assets, and Kremlin infrastructure, among other targets.

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OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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