5 Questions Every CSO Should Ask Amidst the Ukraine-Russia Conflict

The world is facing unprecedented geo-political challenges that are impacting businesses everywhere. Amidst the financial strain brought on by the global pandemic, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues to surge on — and so have fears of disruptive implications if the hostilities extend to the cyber theater. Since the conflict began, governments have continued to warn organizations around the world to be on guard for a rise in nation-state sponsored cyber-attacks. On April 20th, the CISA, in collaboration with multiple cybersecurity agencies of other Five Eyes countries, released a joint cybersecurity advisory. The latest advisory, citing evolving intelligence, again warned businesses of potential cyber fallout of the Russia Ukraine conflict and updated the previously released TTPs that cyber defense teams should review. Cyber-attacks, as part of Information Operations, are widely considered as the Fifth Dimension of Warfare and is now seen as an extension of nation-states’ military power, given their ability to disrupt critical infrastructure and systems countries rely on, such as its telecommunications, energy and transportation services.

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OODA Analyst

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