Intuit Sued After Hackers Stole Crypto from Customers

A class-action lawsuit was filed against Intuit, a software company, after its email marketing service was hacked and cyber criminals stole cryptocurrencies from Trezor users. The hackers deployed a phishing attack on March 26 and gained entry into the crypto wallets that are sold by Trezor, a Czech company, according to a federal lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court, Northern District of California in San Jose, California. The lawsuit blames Intuit and Rocket Science Group LLC, a subsidiary which operates Mailchimp, but not Trezor. The lawsuit was filed by Alan Levinson, an Illinois man who said $87,000 worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen by hackers from the account. Intuit is accused of “failing to take adequate and reasonable measures to ensure that its data systems were protected” for Trezor account holders. Mailchimp’s email accounts were allegedly accessed by the hackers when an employee clicked on a malicious link, the lawsuit said. The hackers reportedly gained access when one of its employees clicked on a malicious link in an email, according to the suit.

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