HowTo: Create a Cyber Maturity Strategy

For modern enterprises, cybersecurity is key to success. Rapid digital innovation, fuelled by the pandemic, has led to countless new ways to connect with customers, employees and partners. However, it’s also seen the emergence of a multitude of new opportunities for cyber-criminals to gain access to data and take remote control of the critical business systems of unprepared organizations – causing disruptions, putting revenue, reputations and short-term operational continuity at risk. As organizations respond to these threats, there’s a growing emphasis on cyber-maturity. Businesses are looking to identify where their strengths and weaknesses lie to make more effective cybersecurity investments. To appreciate the importance of cyber-maturity, we must understand the contemporary cyber landscape businesses operate. Gone are the days when cyber threats were predominately targeted at end customers and businesses in the finance industry or government. With unprecedented levels of cross-industry digitalization, the scale and sophistication of cyber-attacks have dramatically increased – nobody is immune. Traditional approaches to keeping data and applications secure are no longer sustainable in the era of mass digitalization.

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OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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