Google issues new warning to publishers who dismiss Russia-Ukraine war

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has dialed up Google’s vigilance when it comes to monetizing controversial content. The company has received criticism in the past for allowing the monetization of hateful or violent content through its ad network. However, Google has been taking steps to address this issue. For example, at the end of March, the search giant made it clear that it would enforce already-existing rules it has about not running ads alongside victim-blaming content regarding Ukraine — and it just doubled down on the warning. Google again warned publishers on Friday, reported Deadline, to take care with content related to the Ukraine war. The company said that any content that exploits the conflict will be demonetized. This includes content that blames war victims for their suffering or minimizes its severity. The decision comes at a time when despite a Russian retreat, the toll on Ukrainians has escalated, and it has become undeniably clear civilians are under fire. In its new message, which was signed by the Ad Manager Team, Google emphasized that it was already enforcing its rules in relation to existing policies about “monetizing content that incites violence or denies tragic events.”

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OODA Analyst

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