U.S. officials wonder: Where are Russia’s much-feared cyberattacks?

There’s a particularly unnerving scenario for a Russian cyberattack casting its shadow in the head of an American politician who oversees intelligence issues. Mark Warner leads the Senate intelligence committee, which gets him regular intelligence briefings and better-than-average access to U.S. state secrets. The Virginia Democrat has been voicing his concern at recent public events about the risk of a cyberattack striking a NATO country, potentially broadening the Ukraine war. He’s also a former tech executive and the scenarios he’s raised go something like this: A computer virus hits a Polish hospital and Polish patients die. Speaking at a think-tank event Monday, he wondered aloud whether that would trigger NATO’s mutual-defence agreement under Article 5. Another possible scenario he raised is a hack that could shut down traffic lights, resulting in American soldiers getting into a vehicle accident. In the meantime he’s been watching and waiting, and now he’s wondering: Where are the Russian hackers?

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OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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