Is Russia launching cyber attacks? How Ukraine faces battle on TWO fronts

Putin’s relentless campaign over the border has so far failed to produce the results he hoped for, according to recent intelligence. Russian troops face fierce resistance from Ukrainian locals, who have bogged down the invading forces as they push towards Kyiv. As the devastating ground war develops, Russia could also launch an offensive on another dimension – the internet. That side of the conflict has blossomed over the last decade, with coordinated cyberattacks rocking Ukraine since 2015. After Russia took Crimea, hackers suspected to have hailed from Russia have tested cyber weapons on the country’s infrastructure. They managed to disrupt services in Ukraine via local electricity grids and the banking system, with services knocked out by all-new malware. Experts suspected Russian hackers were using the Ukrainian network as a testing ground, given its similarities to its western European and North American counterparts.

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OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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