Elon Musk: metaverse isn’t ‘compelling’ and Web3 ‘more marketing than reality’

The metaverse and Web3 are two trends supposedly set to revolutionize the digital world. But the richest man IRL, Elon Musk, is not keen on either. In a recent interview, the SpaceX and Tesla CEO said he couldn’t see a compelling use-case for the VR-driven metaverse, and derided Web3 — a nebulous concept in which internet services are rebuilt around blockchain and cryptocurrency — as “more marketing than reality,” adding “I don’t get it.” Musk admitted that he might just be “too old” to understand these new technologies. “Am I like one of those people who was dismissing the internet [in] ‘95 as some fad or something that’s never going to amount to anything?”

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So What: We watched the full interview of Elon. He gave himself plenty of wiggle room in making these comments and can easily change his mind once he realizes that the Metaverse and not just Oculus Rift. And he may also realize that Web3 is not just betting on coins. He is focused on transforming humanity so maybe it is just natural that he is not a master of all topics.

What’s Next: Expect Elon’s focus will continue to be making humanity a space fairing species and helping transition society to renewable energy.

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