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CISA Releases 5G Security Guidelines

The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) recently released a set of strategic goals that will aid the organization in implementing 5G technology across the US. The guide is titled the National Strategy to Secure 5G. Within the publication, there are several defined initiatives to implement outlined strategies. Lines of effort include to facilitate domestic 5G rollout, address risks to national security, economics, core security principles, and infrastructure, and to promote the responsible global development of 5G.

The significant strategic initiatives laid out in the document include supporting 5G policy and standards development through emphasizing security and expanding 5G situational awareness. Both of these will allow for security to be placed as the top priority when implementing domestic 5G. The CISA also stated that it plans to partner with stakeholders to support future deployments, as well as encourage innovation within the 5G marketplace to establish relationships with trusted vendors.

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