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DOD Releases Prime Airwaves for Commercial 5G Networks

Yesterday, the White House announced that it is advancing the deployment of 5G networks by releasing 100 megahertz of the ideal midrange spectrum to commercial organizations. However, this has sparked some controversy, with critics claiming that the megahertz released should be double the amount. Chief Technology Officer Michael Kratsios made the announcement, stating that the megahertz amount can be made available without sacrificing military and national security capabilities.

On Monday, Kratsios and the Defense Department briefed reporters on the 5G developments, highlighting the amount of work put in by military services, the National Telecommunications Information Administration, and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. The megahertz identified that will be made available will help to deploy 5G at full commercial power levels, according to Kratsios. The move marks the fastest transfer of federal spectrum to commercial use in US history.

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