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Federal Researchers Create ‘Second Skin’ to Shield Against Biological Threats

A team of scientists and researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have developed a breathable and protective smart fabric that is designed to shield wearers by reacting to chemical and biological agents. Researchers from the lab as well as the Massachusetts Insitute of Technology and the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command completed the first phone of the project recently. The technologically advanced material autonomously reacts to microscopic dangers in its environment.

The new fabric has potential deployments in the use of smart uniforms worn by first responders, the military, and other high-risk jobs. The team told the media that creating a fabric with breathability and protection at the same time was extremely difficult, but essential in creating safe and durable garments. The fabric could help to lower the risks that health, federal, and military officials face when exposed to toxic or contaminated environments such as gas, bacteria, or smoke.

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