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Intel & Accenture Use AI To Save The Coral Reef

Accenture, Intel, and the Sulubaaï Environmental Foundation announced a new project, called CORaiL, that aims to monitor, characterize, and analyze coral reef resilience through artificial intelligence technology. Since May of 2019, the AI-powered solution has been deployed to reefs surrounded the Pangatalan Island, Philippines, collecting a total of 40,000 images. The images are later studied by experts to analyze the effects of climate change in the area.

Project CORaiL is an example of how edge technology and AI can assist researchers in varying fields, in this case, monitoring and restoring an essential ocean ecosystem. Traditional efforts to monitor coral reefs are very time consuming and involve human divers either directly collecting data underwater of manually capturing video footage. Although these methods are trusted, there are several disadvantages that are fixed through CORaiL’s AI-powered solution.

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