China Gains on the U.S. in the Artificial Intelligence Arms Race

“‘Our goal is to send the machine to attend the college entrance examination, and to be admitted by key national universities in the near future,’ said Qingfeng Liu, Iflytek’s chief executive.

The speed of the Chinese technologists, compared to United States and European artificial intelligence developers, is noteworthy. Last April, Gansha Wu, then the director of Intel’s laboratory in China, left his post and began assembling a team of researchers from Intel and Google to build a self-driving car company. Last month, the company, Uisee Technology, met its goal — taking a demonstration to the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas — after just nine months of work.

‘The A.I. technologies, including machine vision, sensor fusion, planning and control, on our car are completely home-brewed,’ Mr. Wu said. ‘We wrote every line by ourselves.’”

Source: China Gains on the U.S. in the Artificial Intelligence Arms Race –

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