24 Jan 2019

As more Africans reach for the web, more leaders reach for ‘off’ switch

Even as connectivity increases, governments across Africa, and especially its autocratic leaders, have increasingly used control over the internet as a tool of repression, often with the claim to be combatting fake news or violent protests. These internet shutdowns, however, have costs that reach beyond politics. In 2018, 21 full

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03 Aug 2018

Zimbabwe election: Opposition rejects ‘fake’ poll results

The opposition leader in Zimbabwe has dismissed as “fake” Thursday’s results of the July 30th elections. Emerson Mnangagwa has been declared the winner with 50.8% of the vote over the 44.3% by the contester. Protests this week have left a number of people dead in the first election in Zimbabwe

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30 Jul 2018

Zimbabwe votes in first post-Mugabe poll, opposition cries foul

The main political opposition has made accusations of voter suppression by the Zimbabwean Electoral Commission, bringing into question the prospects for the election to receive sufficient credibility in order for the country to access important funding and remove the heavy sanctions currently in place against it. This is the first

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25 Jun 2018

Zimbabwe president survives blast, two vice presidents injured

An explosion at a campaign rally has been described by the Zimbabwean government as an assassination attempt on its current president. The president escaped without injury but 49 others were injured, including two vice presidents. Political uncertainty in the country remains high as its people prepare for the first presidential

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