06 Jan 2023

Jimmy Soni on Why PayPal Was Successful

In this OODAcast, we talk with Jimmy Soni, the author of the book “The Founders: The Story of PayPal and the Entrepreneurs Who Shaped Silicon Valley”. Jimmy takes a deep, historical look at the founding story of PayPal with detailed analysis, interviews, and access that you won’t find in any other telling of the PayPal story. PayPal is a fascinating company to look at, not only to examine the PayPal business, but in looking at what emerged out of the PayPal founding team in the future. A list of companies that includes the likes of SpaceX, Tesla, Affirm, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yammer, Palantir, Kiva, Yelp, and Yammer.

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07 Nov 2022

Crypto Hackers Take Over YouTube Channel of Valorant to Promote Scam

In one of the most recent crypto scam attacks, the official YouTube channel for the Valorant Champions Tour is compromised. Scammers have taken control of the channel, which has over 597k subscribers, and are promoting cryptocurrency fraud. A journalist named George Geddes shared the information after posting a screenshot of the

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05 Oct 2022

Malicious Tor Browser Installers Spread Via Darknet Video on YouTube

Cybersecurity researchers at Kaspersky have identified malicious browser installers spreading via a Youtube video explaining the Darknet. The channel that published the video boasts more than 180,000 subscribers, and has recently been found to be spreading malicious Tor Browser installers. The video in question has more than 64,000 and contains

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16 Sep 2022

YouTube Users Targeted By RedLine Self-Spreading Stealer

According to cybersecurity researchers at Kaspersky, threat actors have launched a campaign against YouTube users leveraging the RedLine information stealer. The cybersecurity company published an advisory warning about the campaign earlier this week. RedLine was discovered in March 2020 and is one of the most common Trojans utilized by hackers

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12 Sep 2022

YouTuber with 13 million subscribers hacked by crypto scammers; Here’s how much they stole

Popular YouTuber Scuba Jake has confirmed the hacking of his channel with over 13 million subscribers and 1.75 billion views since the channel’s creation in 2011. The September 9 incident saw crypto scammers take over the channel and attempt to defraud unsuspecting followers in a fake giveaway involving Bitcoin (BTC)

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05 Sep 2022

Hackers Compromise The Youtube Channel of The South Korean Government To Promote a Crypto Scam

On September 03, the official YouTube channel of the South Korean government was compromised by a group of hackers who used it to promote a cryptocurrency scam with the image of Elon Musk, the electric car tycoon and Dogecoin enthusiast.  According to local media outlet Yonhap News, the hackers changed the

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29 Dec 2021

India Blocks YouTube Channels In First Deployment Of New IT Rules

In India, twenty YouTube channels and two websites have been blocked under emergency powers granted by the IT Act. This marks the first time that India has used the IT Act to take action in terms of content moderation. According to officials, the banned channels were running anti-India content from

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10 Jun 2020

Fake SpaceX YouTube channels scam viewers out of $150K in bitcoin

Three YouTube channels have been hijacked by scammers to display bitcoin scams that impersonate Elon Musk’s legitimate SpaceX channel. The three hacked pages have collected almost $150,000 in bitcoin over the past two days. Scammers have frequently been impersonating Elon Musk and SpaceX to perform fraudulent “cryptocurrency giveaways” and other

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03 Jun 2020

YouTube channel access in high demand on hacker forums

Cybersecurity researchers have noted a high demand for stolen Youtube credentials on various dark web hacking and cybercrime forums, where stolen passwords are often sold in bulk. Sellers often advertise large lists of verified credentials, boasting subscriber count. Researchers state that cybercriminals buying these credentials often have two goals, to

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06 Dec 2019

YouTube Is Easiest Platform To Manipulate, NATO Advisers Find

The NATO Strategic Communication Centre of Excellence bought social media engagement for 105 posts across various platforms for a three month period, which costed a total of $333 for 3,500 comments, 25,000 likes, 20,000 views, and 5,000 followers. The companies they bought from was composed of 11 Russian and 5

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