14 Jul 2010

Three policemen killed in Yemen ‘Qaeda’ attacks

“Suspected Al-Qaeda gunmen launched simultaneous attacks Wednesday on the intelligence and security services headquarters in the south Yemen town of Zinjibar, killing three policemen and wounding 11, a security official said. Two gunmen were killed and one wounded in the clashes, the official added. He said that around 20 gunmen

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22 Mar 2010

U.S. warns ships off Yemen of possible al Qaeda attack

“The U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence said on its website that ships in the Red Sea, the strategic Bab al-Mandab strait between Yemen and Djibouti, and the Gulf of Aden along Yemen’s coast were at the greatest risk. ‘Information suggests that al Qaeda remains interested in maritime attacks in the

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17 Mar 2010

Yemen ups oil security amid Qaeda attack fears

“Yemen has beefed up security around oil and maritime installations for fear of retaliation by Al-Qaeda after several strikes against the jihadist network, the interior ministry said on Wednesday. ‘Yemeni authorities have increased security measures around oil and maritime installations, in addition to securing the routes of oil tankers,’ the

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23 Feb 2010

Al-Qaida leader in Yemen threatens new US attacks

“A senior operative of the al-Qaida network in Yemen – the group that claimed responsibility for the failed Christmas Day attack on an American passenger jet over Detroit – has threatened more attacks on the United States. The U.S. has become increasingly worried about militants based in Yemen since al-Qaida

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02 Feb 2010

Yemen rebels pledge not to attack Saudi Arabia

“Yemeni Shiite rebels pledged on Tuesday not to attack neighbouring Saudi Arabia, a key condition laid down by the Sanaa government to end its nearly-six-month military campaign against them. ‘As long as no one attacks us, we would not target any party,’ the office of rebel leader Abdul Malak al-Huthi

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28 Dec 2009

Detroit terror attack: ‘There are many more like me,’ bomber warns

“Abdulmutallab has given a defiant warning to US investigators, telling them: ‘There are more just like me who will strike soon.’ Dozens of Islamic militants from Britain are thought to have travelled to Yemen in recent months, where the security services fear they are being trained by al-Qaeda bomb-makers to

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