24 Mar 2020

New Coronavirus Cases in the U.S. Rise Sharply; Wuhan to Get Lockdown Relief

Beginning April 8, healthy people will be able to leave Wuhan as China has reported very few new domestic infections over the past week. The decision marked a turn around for the city where the virus originated where at least 50,000 have been infected and the entire city has been

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11 Mar 2020

Xi Jinping visits Wuhan, in major show of confidence as China turns corner on coronavirus

Recent Media works to portray a new leaf has been turned over in Wuhan, China as they claim that to have made new progress in regards to the Coronavirus. Chinese government is working hard to support these claims by allowing Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit the heavily infected Wuhan

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06 Feb 2020

Wuhan Coronavirus Hospitals Turn Away All but Most Severe Cases

On Wednesday, the World Health Organization reported the largest single-day increase in new coronavirus cases, announcing that it is seeking $675 million in funding to help the affected countries strengthen their capacities to prevent the spread of the disease. In China, hospitals began turning away patients, only treating those exhibiting

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30 Jan 2020

Countries step up efforts to bring nationals back from Wuhan as coronavirus cases top 7,000

The number of confirmed coronavirus continues to rise at an alarming rate as countries elevate their efforts to bring nationals home from the city of Wuhan, where the infection began. The World Health Organization’s Health Emergencies Programme stated that the whole world should be on alert due to the nature

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28 Jan 2020

Japan tourism company faces 20,000 cancellations from coronavirus outbreak

A Tokyo based travel agency that works to provide tour opportunities for Chinese travelers, has received over 20,000 cancellation notifications as coronavirus infects almost 3,000. On Sunday, China announced a bad on outbound travel in groups as part of its battle to combat the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus. To

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24 Jan 2020

Spreading Chinese Coronavirus Death Toll Rises as More Cities Are Locked Down

China has been combatting the spread of a new strain of coronavirus over the Lunar New Year. On Friday morning, China’s National Health Commission confirmed 830 cases of infection, a 250 person increase since the last count was released by officials a day earlier. 26 men and women have since

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23 Jan 2020

Coronavirus: Wuhan to shut public transport over outbreak

Wuhan has announced its plan to temporarily shut down its public transportation system as it combats the outbreak of a new strain of virus that has hit China’s major cities, along with several other countries. Wuhan has eleven million residents, all of whom have been advised not to leave the

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