27 Dec 2021

Afghanistan’s Taliban ban long-distance road trips for solo women

A new directive issued by the Taliban on Sunday effectively bans Afghan women seeking to travel long distances by road alone. The directive is the latest curb on women’s rights since the Islamist group seized power in August, and prohibits women from traveling more than 45 miles without a male

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14 Oct 2021

Taliban Allow Teenage Afghan Girls Back in Some Provincial Schools—but Not in Kabul

The Taliban has allowed middle and high school girls to resume studies across several provinces in northern Afghanistan. The move may be an indication of how the Islamist group’s policies on key issues such as education for girls and women are being influenced by the international community and cultural differences

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24 Sep 2021

India’s top court clears way for women to attend elite military academy

India’s Supreme Court has allegedly set a deadline to determine whether women will be allowed admittance into the country’s elite defense academy for the first time. The decision could potentially open the door to Indian females who wish to achieve high-ranking military positions in a field that has otherwise been

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05 Nov 2020

Poland needs calm to discuss disputed abortion ruling, government says

Amid widespread protests in Poland demonstrating against the country’s recent abortion ban, a government spokesperson has claimed that Poland needs a period of calm to discuss the ruling, which was made by the highest court. Two weeks of mass protests occurred after the October 22 ruling which bans abortions due

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04 Sep 2020

Women’s Rights Activists Face Fresh Threat in Egypt After Arrests

In Egypt, women’s rights activists are facing a new threat following the arrest of witnesses and activists campaigning for several accused rapists to be prosecuted. People knowledgeable on the situation stated that authorities detained six people in the past few days, including those who offered evidence on a gang-rape accusation

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