07 Aug 2020

Chinese Hackers Have Pillaged Taiwan’s Semiconductor Industry

Yesterday at the Black Hat security conferences, CyCraft researchers presented details of a previously unknown hacking campaign that compromised Taiwanese chip firms. CyCraft is a Taiwanese cybersecurity firm that has been investigating the campaign, which allegedly compromised at least seven firms over a two year period. The operation has been

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06 Aug 2020

Linux Spyware Stack Ties Together 5 Chinese APTs

On Wednesday, BlackBerry released an analysis to the Black Hat 2020 conference group in which evidence linking five Chinese APT groups was presented. The five groups are allegedly splinters of the Winnti group, which is a supply-chain specialist threat actor group. All five entities were observed by researchers using the

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21 May 2020

New PipeMon malware uses Windows print processors for persistence

The Winnti hacking group has targeted video game companies again in a new campaign that utilizes recent malware called PipeMon, a modular backdoor that was identified earlier this year. PipeMon was discovered on servers belonging to video game developers of games that feature multiplayer options (massively multiplayer online) games. The

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