14 Jan 2020

Website Collecting Australian Fire Donations Hit by Magecart

A website gathering donations to support the victims of the horrific wildfires in Australia has been attacked by a credential skimming malware, placing thousands of donors at risk. The hack may have compromised donors’ payment information. The attack was carried out using Magecart malware injected into the ATMZOW skimmer on

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09 Jan 2020

Australian PM’s leadership criticized during wildfire crisis

It is unlikely that Australian Prime Minister Scott Minister will be able to politically recover from the horrors beget by this year’s raging bushfire. Nearly 16 million acres have burned since September and fire season in Australia has only just begun. The fires have killed 25 people, an estimated 1

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15 Nov 2019

4 Dead As ‘Tinder Box-Like Conditions’ Fuel Catastrophic Bushfires In Australia

Australia is currently battling raging fires in the east, and although conditions have improved since Tuesday when they were at a ‘catastrophic’ level, it is unlikely that conditions will improve over the coming months. Thursday morning, there were 70 fires burning in New South Wales, and 3 people died over

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