17 Aug 2022

This new Wi-Fi 6e mesh router uses the blockchain to secure your passwords

While most of the best Wi-Fi 6 routers have built-in security, Gryphon’s new Wi-Fi 6E router is one of just a few that will use Blockchain for this purpose; through a project called MetaSafe, it will protect passwords and other valuable information. Although a single Gryphon 6E can provide a strong

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23 Nov 2021

Data from millions of Brazilians exposed in Wi-Fi management software firm leak

The data of millions of Brazilians have been exposed by WSpot, a software provider that enables businesses to secure on-premise Wi-Fi networks and allow password-free online access to customers. The leak was discovered by SafetyDetectives after researchers found WSpot’s misconfigured Amazon Web Services bucket left exposed. The bucket contained 10GB

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02 Aug 2021

NSA Warns Public Networks are Hacker Hotbeds

The NSA has warned that attackers are targeting teleworkers taking advantage of free public networks to steal corporate data that may be sensitive. The US National Security Agency offered advice to security teams that are seeking the best wireless practices to protect corporate networks and personal devices. According to the

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02 Jun 2021

Amazon Sidewalk Poised to Sweep You Into Its Mesh

Amazon has announced a new initiative set to be released on June 8. The program, called Amazon Sidewalk, introduces a new long-term effort to extend the working range of low bandwidth, low-power, smart lights, sensors, and other low-cost devices customers install at the edge of their home network. Amazon Sidewalk

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13 May 2021

‘FragAttacks’: Wi-Fi Bugs Affect Millions of Devices

A security researcher who specializes in uncovering Wi-Fi bugs has found a series of new ones he dubbed “FragAttacks.” The bugs affect the Wi-Fi standard itself, with some dating back as late as 1997. Through this type of attack, a malicious actor could intercept a target’s information, trigger malicious code,

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12 Jan 2021

IoT Vendor Ubiquiti Suffers Data Breach

Internet of Things and Wi-Fi vendor Ubiquiti discovered a breach of one of its systems in the cloud yesterday. THe customers were advised to change their passwords and use multifactor authentication.  There is no evidence of breaching of any databases that contain personal information of users. The data that could

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07 Oct 2020

FBI warns of risks of using wireless hotel networks

The FBI has issued a new warning against the use of hotel Wi-Fi connections, due to public offerings may contain vulnerabilities as a result of poor security measures. The FBI states that this is true for libraries, coffee shops, and other locations with free public Wi-Fi. In the advisory, the

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10 Apr 2020

Wi-Fi Peeks into Buildings to Check Social Distancing

A new tool that went live on April 3 allows college administrators to monitor buildings using Wi-Fi technology to ensure that people are practicing social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The tech allows these administrators to identify locations on campus where concentrations of people are high, aiding them

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27 Feb 2020

Billions of Devices Open to Wi-Fi Eavesdropping Attacks

A serious vulnerability in Wi-Fi chips manufactured by Broadcom and Cypress has been discovered. The flaw reveals communications from devices from Amazon, Google, Samsung, and others, allowing attackers to eavesdrop on Wi-Fi communications. The bug breaks the WPA2-Personal and WPA-2 Enterprise security protocols as it stems from the use of

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11 Dec 2019

Wi-Fi 6 Is Coming And Will Impact Your Business

Wi-Fi is as ubiquitous as a technology can get. It is widely used and widely understood. In part because of its widespread acceptance, the standards that make Wi-Fi work are slow to change. But a new change is coming and it will make dramatic improvements to how our devices communicate with each other. This post provides some insights into the new Wi-Fi standard aimed at the business and government executive. We review some of the opportunities and risks that will soon present themselves because of the new version, and will do so in a way that will help leaders consider how this change will impact your strategy for success in the market.

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