02 Nov 2022

White House Invites Dozens of Nations for Ransomware Summit

The White House has invited three dozen nations, the European Union, and several private-sector companies to join a two-day summit that was discuss ransomware attacks and how to best address them. This is the second time that the International Counter Ransomware Summit has occurred, and this year’s addresses will focus

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26 Apr 2022

The White House wants more powers to crack down on rogue drones

The White House is looking to tighten restrictions on drone usage. Although unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) have become useful for many different endeavors, including research, recreation, and business, they also pose a risk to public safety and privacy. According to the White House, it laid out its plans to give

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28 Mar 2022

What Will The Federal Government Do In Response To The Rise of Cryptocurrencies?

Over the years it has been very exciting to watch the incredible innovations around Bitcoin and Ethereum and other projects in the crypto space. And there have been huge disappointments in statements by government leaders over the years, many of which have really said disparaging things about the movement. There are still some real haters in government, but two things occurred in March 2022 that signal a big change. 

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25 Feb 2022

White House Denies Mulling Massive Cyberattacks Against Russia

The White House has denied reports that President Biden received plans containing an arsenal of ways to launch massive cyberattacks against Russia, including tampering with trains, electric service, and internet connectivity. The cyberattacks would hinder Russia’s military operations in Ukraine. NBC News reported on the matter on Thursday, listing the

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05 May 2021

White House Asked to Increase Crypto Regulation

The Institute for Security and Technology has formed a task force responsible for urging the White House to address and combat the rise in ransomware attacks and make it harder for cybercrimes to be committed through greater regulation of the cryptocurrency industry. Law enforcement agencies, cybersecurity experts, and government entities

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16 Mar 2021

U.S. Outreach to North Korea Has Gone Unanswered, White House Says

According to a White House press release on Monday, the Biden administration previously reached out to North Korea, seeking to open conversations regarding Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. The administration has not received a response, according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki. The communication attempt follows recent

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16 Oct 2020

White House Strategy Names 20 Emerging Technologies Crucial to National Security

On Thursday, the White House announced a new strategy to achieve global superiority in emerging technology ranging from artificial intelligence to space innovation. Although the US has been the leading force among many recently develop technologies spanning over the past century, that supremacy is currently being challenged by foreign forces

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11 Aug 2020

DOD Releases Prime Airwaves for Commercial 5G Networks

Yesterday, the White House announced that it is advancing the deployment of 5G networks by releasing 100 megahertz of the ideal midrange spectrum to commercial organizations. However, this has sparked some controversy, with critics claiming that the megahertz released should be double the amount. Chief Technology Officer Michael Kratsios made

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30 Jun 2020

Trump Administration Draws Bipartisan Pressure Over Russia ‘Bounty’ Intelligence

On Monday, Republican and Democratic lawmakers united to demand that the White House hand over information indicating that Russia has paid bounties to insurgents to kill American forces in Afghanistan. The lawmakers also called on Trump to explain why he was not briefed on the apparent threat to the US

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17 Apr 2020

OSTP, NIST Team Up to Fine-Tune Search Engines for COVID-19 Research

On Wednesday, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and National Institute of Standards and Technology stated that it had joined forces with four entities, two institutes, and two universities, to further developments in search engines that streamline COVID-19 research. The effort, which has been named “TREC-COVID,” is

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