14 Feb 2022

More Details Emerge: REvil Gang Arrestee Tied to 2021 Colonial Pipeline Attack; Ukrainian Data Wiping Attack a False Flag Operation

A month ago, we provided an analyst of two incidents in the Ukrainian conflict that occurred on the same day (Friday, January 14th):  the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) takedown of the REvil Ransomware Gang and a major cyberattack on Ukrainian government websites.  At the time, these events felt neither coincidental nor unrelated. The following is an update on both events as tensions rise in Eastern Europe.  Only time will tell if they are confirmed pieces of the larger information war waged by Putin.

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24 Jan 2022

What’s Really Behind WhisperGate Attacks Against Ukraine?

Recently, Ukraine suffered two sets of cyber-attacks in response to the geopolitical situation with Russia. The second round of attacks executed WhisperGate, a destructive wiper malware disguised as ransomware, that impacted dozens of Ukrainian entities associated with government, non-profit, and technology companies. While many first believed Russia to be behind or directing the cyber-attack, Ukrainian authorities stated their belief that a group linked to Belarussian intelligence (using Russian-linked malware) was responsible for the WhisperGate attacks.

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