28 Jun 2022

Rival Libyan officials hold UN-led election talks in Switzerland

Two days of talks about constitutional arrangements for elections have begun with two senior Libyan officials. This is the latest effort by the United Nations to close the gaps between the country’s rivals. The two leaders Aguila Saleh, the speaker of the country’s east-based parliament and Khaled al-Meshri, head of

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10 Jun 2022

West unlikely to reject Russian energy for years – Putin

Putin has announced that he doesn’t believe that the West will be able to cut off supplies of Russian oil and gas for several years. He said Russian companies will not be concreting over their oil wells. A US official did admit that Russian profits around energy are higher now

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10 Mar 2022

Russia hits back at Western sanctions with export ban

Over 200 types of products have been banned in exports in retaliation for Western sanctions. Telecom, medical, agricultural, electrical and technology equipment will be among the items affected by the ban which will run until the end of 2022. Cars, railway carriages, containers and turbines are also among the exports

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25 Jan 2022

US troops on alert as West voices unity

US President Joe Biden released a statement confirming total unanimity with European leaders regarding Russia’s controversial troop build-up on the border with Ukraine. Western powers reportedly agreed to unprecedented sanctions against Russia if it were to invade during crisis talks on Monday. The US has placed 8,500 troops on “high

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27 Oct 2021

Terror Groups in Afghanistan Could Be Ready to Attack West in 6 Months, U.S. Says

According to a top Pentagon Official named Colin Kahl, the Islamic State in Afghanistan could be ready to launch attacks on the West and its allies as soon as within six months. Al-Qaeda could have the capability to do so in two years, according to Kahl. Kahl serves as the

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12 May 2021

NATO exercises sweep Europe amid Russian escalation, rising tensions between Moscow and US

The Navy SEALs are taking part in the “Trojan Footprint” military exercises across five Eastern European countries. The exercises involve 600 NATO and non-NATO forces, troops from Ukraine and Georgia are also included. The training is taking place next to the Defender-Europe 21 NATO joint exercises containing 28,000 troops from

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