08 Oct 2021

Ethiopia used its flagship commercial airline to transport weapons during war in Tigray

According to a CNN investigation, Ethiopia’s government has used the country’s commercial airline to shuttle weapons in and out of Eritrea during the civil war in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. Arms were transported between Addis Ababa’s international airport and the airports in the Eritrean cities of Asmara and MAssawa.

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15 Sep 2021

Both North and South Korea fire ballistic missiles as tensions rise on peninsula

On Wednesday, both North and South Korea tested ballistic missiles as tensions rise between the neighboring countries. Pyongyang fired the first missiles, sending two into waters off the east coast of the Korean Peninsula. The missiles were fired just minutes apart around 12:30 p.m. local time. Seoul followed the launch

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29 Mar 2021

State AGs Seek Crackdown On 3D-Printed ‘Ghost Guns’

The debate over 3D printed “ghost guns” has intensified over the past several years as the technology becomes more accessible and the printing of 3D guns is more frequent. The technology has improved dramatically, and more firms are distributing 3D printers, resulting in an increase of individuals having them in

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04 Feb 2020

Missile Engineer Arrested After Taking Secret Info to China

The FBI announced that they have arrested a US defense contractor employee who worked at Raytheon for taking classified information with him on an undisclosed trip to China. China-born Arizona resident Wei Sun worked for Raytheon for over 10 years as an electrical engineer, working on Raytheon’s missile systems program.

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29 Jan 2020

States Sue Trump Administration Over 3D-Printed Gun Regulations

Twenty states and the District of Columbia have joined together to challenge the regulation of ghost guns, or 3D gun models available online, set in place by the Trump administration. The new rules put forth by the administration will go into effect in March and will effectively remove the software

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05 Dec 2019

U.S. warship in Gulf seizes missile parts of suspected Iran origin

On Wednesday, a US Navy warship stopped a boat linked to Iran containing advanced missile parts. The Trump administration has been pressuring Tehran to limit its activities in the Gulf region. The Pentagon confirmed yesterday that on November 25, the US had retrieved the missile components on a stateless vessel,

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