08 Sep 2021

Cyber-Attack on Washington DC University

At Howard University in Washington DC, classes were canceled due to a cyberattack. Last week, suspicious activity was discovered on the school’s network by its information technology team. On Monday, the university stated that it was collaborating with forensic experts and law enforcement to investigate what appeared to be a

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30 Apr 2021

Ransomware attack hits Washington, D.C. police department

The Metropolitan Police Department was the victim of a ransomware attack the Babuk Locker gang has since claimed responsibility for. The Babuk group says it has stole 250 GB of unencrypted files from the MPD and the data will be leaked in three days if the department does not contact

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04 Mar 2021

US Capitol police warn of possible militia plot to breach Congress

According to Capitol police, there has been an active threat to the US Capitol from a militia group. The law enforcement group stated that security has been ramped up at the location in response to the plot. According to a statement made on Thursday, the force is prepared for any

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27 Mar 2020

ICE Wants to Connect Its Facial Recognition System With a Pennsylvania County’s Gang Intel App

Homeland Security Investigations and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are seeking to leverage a transnational gang intelligence application that was developed by a Pennsylvania county district attorney’s office. The two agencies are looking to improve coordination when dealing with gangs operating in Virginia, West Virginia, and the Washington DC metro

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10 Aug 2010

DHS Warns Metro About Threat

The Department of Homeland Security warned Metro about an unconfimed threat to the D.C. Metro system on Sunday. NBC4 obtained an internal memo from Homeland Security about the concern. Someone traveled to Turkey last July to obtain a U.S. visa to come to the States to blow up an unspecified

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