03 Nov 2021

Report says war crimes may have been committed in Ethiopia’s Tigray crisis

A joint investigation by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and the UN Human Rights Office concluded that both sides of Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict have violated international human rights, some of which may amount to crimes against humanity. The organizations stated that there could also be evidence of war crimes.

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13 Oct 2021

Ethiopia Launches Offensive Against Tigray Forces

Ethiopian government forces have launched an assault against the northern region of Tigray, seeking to recapture the rebellious area. The offensive raises concerns about a more devastating humanitarian crisis within the region. According to the United Nations, the Tigray region is already in the grip of famine due to the

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01 Oct 2021

Ethiopia to expel UN officials amid fears of Tigray famine

Ethiopia is expelling seven senior UN officials from the country just days after the organization’s aid chief warned that the Tigray region was nearing a famine. The aid chief stated that the government’s blockade of aid deliveries was causing the Tigray region to suffer from starvation and food shortages that

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13 Sep 2021

Ukraine acknowledges sting operation for first time following CNN report

On Friday, Ukraine acknowledged a sting operation that aimed to lure suspected war criminals out of Russia. The country has not commented on the incident before. CNN released an investigation last week in which three former high-ranking Ukrainian military intelligence officials described operations that were designed to lure the war

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31 Aug 2021

Taliban declare victory from Kabul airport tarmac after US withdrawal

On Tuesday, Taliban leaders declared victory over the United States just hours after the last military force left Afghanistan. The declaration occurred on the tarmac of Kabul airport, which up until yesterday remained under US control. The airport has been the epicenter of a frenzy of evacuation missions conducted by

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11 Aug 2021

Scale of Russian mercenary mission in Libya exposed

A new investigation conducted by BBC has revealed the scale of military operations conducted by a Russian mercenary group in Libya’s civil war. The mercenary group, called Wagner, allegedly left a Samsung tablet behind that revealed its key role in the war, as well as traceable fighter codenames. Also on

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06 Aug 2021

Militia finds 40 bodies in Myanmar jungle after army crackdown, says UN envoy

A member of a Myanmar militia fighting the army in the central part of the country reported that the militia has uncovered at least 40 bodies in jungle areas over the past few weeks, some of which show signs of torture. Since the military staged a coup on the elected

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22 Jun 2021

More than 8,500 children were used as soldiers in 2020, says UN

A new United Nations report released yesterday states that more than 8,500 children were used as soldiers last year in various conflicts across the world. The UN also found that nearly 2,700 child soldiers were killed in 2020. The UN’s chief Antonio Guterres’ annual report to the Security Council on

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28 May 2021

Schools in Ethiopia’s Tigray region pillaged, occupied: HRW

The months-long conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region has damaged a quarter of all schools. All fighting sides have been implicated for participating in looting and occupying of education buildings. Since fighting broke out in November 2020, thousands of people are estimated to have been killed, and two million displaced.  The

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10 May 2021

Death toll rises to 85 in Afghanistan girls’ school bomb attack

On Saturday, a bomb attack targeted a school in Kabul. As of this morning, the death toll from the incident has risen to 85, according to Afghan officials. Another 147 people were confirmed to be wounded as a result of the attack, which occurred at the Sayed Al-Shuhada school for

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