05 Sep 2019

NYT on The Secret History of the Push to Strike Iran

A recent New York Times report explores what they call a secret history of hawks seeking to advocate action against Iran. We summarize and expand a bit on that here to provide food for thought to our members since a crisis or conflict with Iran will have significant impacts on

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26 Jun 2019

Trump Threatens ‘Obliteration’ of Iran, as Sanctions Dispute Escalates

After Iranian President Hassan Rouhani referred to the White House as “mentally handicapped” on Tuesday, US President Donald Trump warned that parts of Iran would be obliterated if Tehran carried out an attack “on anything American.” Last week Trump cancelled strikes on Iranian targets in retaliation for the downing of

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25 Jun 2019

US and Iran showdown goes from terrible to worse

Tensions between the United States and Iran, which already seemed to have reached a critical point last week, escalated further on Tuesday after US President Donald Trump announced new sanctions on the Iranian regime. In response, Iran stated that this move meant “closing (the) channel of diplomacy forever.” The sanctions,

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21 Jun 2019

Trump Approves Strikes on Iran, but Then Abruptly Pulls Back

After Iran shot down a US military drone in the Gulf region on Thursday, US President Donald Trump approved military strikes on a number of Iranian radar and missile batteries. However, when the aircraft and ships involved in the operation were all in position, Trump abruptly cancelled the strikes. It

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28 May 2019

As Shanahan heads to Asia, Iran tensions threaten Pentagon’s ‘great power’ focus

On Tuesday, acting US Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan will travel to Asia to deliver a speech underlining the US national defense strategy that since 2018 prioritizes great-power competition with China and Russia. However, experts believe that the escalating tensions between the US and Iran could undermine the US military’s

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22 May 2019

US Americans believe war with Iran is coming: poll

A new Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll shows that the recent escalation of tensions between the US and Iran has American citizens worried that a military conflict between the two countries may be inevitable. A little over half (51%) of survey respondents believe that US and Iran will go to war within

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21 May 2019

Iranian president: ‘Today’s situation is not suitable for talks’ with US

A day after US President Trump stated that he would “certainly negotiate” with Iran if they contacted him, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the current situation “is not suitable for talks and our choice is resistance only.” Trump’s claim that he is open to talks followed a Sunday Tweet

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20 May 2019

Trump says war would be ‘end’ of Iran as tensions rise

If Iran wants to start a conflict with the United States, “that will be the official end of Iran,” US President Donald Trump warned in a Tweet on Sunday, adding that the country should “never threaten the United States again.” The Tweet was sent hours after the Iraqi military reported

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17 May 2019

Trump tells aides he does not want U.S. war with Iran

US officials say that president Donald Trump told his top advisers that he does not want his country to go to war with Iran. In recent weeks, escalating US-Iran tensions and the Trump administration’s insistence that it is faced with growing threats from Iran have been fueling global worries about

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15 May 2019

Global worries flare over whether US sliding toward Iran war

Escalating US-Iran tensions and the Trump administration’s insistence that it is faced with growing threats from Iran are fueling global worries about a possible military conflict between the two countries. Tensions between the US and Iran have risen dramatically since Trump pulled his country out of the Iran nuclear deal

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