10 Nov 2020

Walmart To Test Robotic Deliveries With Electric Cruise Self-Driving Vehicles

Walmart is seeking to launch a pilot program in collaboration with General Motors to learn whether robotic deliveries are compatible with its retail operations. The project, named Cruise, is planning to begin operating in 2021, looking to provide customers with self-driving vehicles to deliver groceries and other goods to suburban

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25 Sep 2020

TikTok Parent ByteDance Seeks Chinese Approval For U.S. Deal With Oracle, Walmart

After President Trump signed an executive order banning the download or update of Chinese-based social media platform TikTok, its parent company ByteDance entered into a contract with US giants Oracle and Walmart to allow the application to continue operating in the US. ByteDance has now applied for an export license

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31 Aug 2020

Walmart Says Teaming With Microsoft in Bid for TikTok

On Thursday, US retail giant Walmart released a statement announced that they had teamed with Microsoft to buy TikTok, a popular social media platform currently owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. The app has come under fire over the past several months for ByteDance’s ties to the Chinese government, with

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07 Aug 2019

Ongoing Campaign Spoofs Walmart, Dating, Movie Sites

Threat actors have set up over 540 domains that closely resemble that of Walmart and a number of career, dating, and movie and TV websites, a security professional at DomainTools discovered. So far only 181 of the spoofed domains have been blacklisted, but this number will likely increase in the

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