26 Oct 2020

Georgia Election Data Hit in Ransomware Attack

Hall County, Georgia, is now one of the first districts to suffer from a breach amidst the upcoming elections, targeted by an attack that exposed the county’s database of voter signatures. The county has claimed that the voting process remains unimpacted by the ransomware attack, the incident proves how important

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29 Sep 2020

Hacking Voting Systems to Be a Federal Crime in US

Hacking into federal voting systems within the US will soon become a federal criminal offense, according to the Defending the Integrity of the Voting Systems Act. The Act was unanimously approved by the US House of Representatives last week after passing through the Senate last year. This legislation will declare

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18 Feb 2020

Microsoft to deploy ElectionGuard voting software for the first time tomorrow

On February 18, Microsoft will launch its ElectionGaurd software in Fulton, Wisconsin. This marks the first time voting machines used in any US election will be running Microsoft’s new software. The software will face its first real-world test as residents of Fulton vote to elect representatives for the Wisconsin Supreme

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14 Feb 2020

Voting App Flaws Could Have Let Hackers Manipulate Results

Two US states, West Virginia and Oregon have recently begun using a mobile voting app called Voatz to facilitate and simplify absentee voting. However, researchers have recently discovered major security flaws in the app. Experts and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found a vulnerability that could allow hackers to manipulate

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