08 Sep 2020

Ransomware Could Be Major Threat to 2020 Election

According to expert analysis and NTT Ltd.’s recently published September global threat report, ransomware could pose a significant threat to US election infrastructure as the US presidential elections are upcoming. NTT Ltd. stated that the voting machines used by several states across the country are vulnerable to attacks and could

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18 Dec 2019

Study finds Chinese Hardware Powers U.S. Voting Machine

Controversy over the security of US elections has made national headlines over the past few years, but experts may have overlooked a major source of vulnerability until now. A study by the security firm Interos found that one-fifth of the hardware and software that comprises voting machines come from suppliers

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27 Sep 2019

Voting Machine Systems New & Old Contain ‘Design’ Flaws

Security experts have been questioning the security of electronic voting for years. In August of this year, attendants of the popular DEF CON hacker conference proved once again that both older and newer voting systems are vulnerable to hacking. One of the most popular DEF CON events was the Voting

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