14 Jan 2020

Why Visa Is Buying Fintech Startup Plaid For $5.3 Billion

Visa announced that it plans to acquire Plaid, a startup that connects payment apps like Venmo to users’ bank accounts to transfer funds they have received through the apps. The acquisition will cost Visa a whopping $5.3 billion, although the company Plaid was valued at $2.65 billion just a year

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13 Dec 2019

VISA Warns of Ongoing Cyber Attacks on Gas Pump PoS Systems

VISA recently published a security alert addressing the ongoing threat of attacks on North American fuel dispenser merchants by coordinated cybercrime groups. According to the Visa Payment Fraud Disruption, three attacks on fuel dispenser merchants were observed over the summer of 2019, each with the end goal of scraping credit

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21 Aug 2019

Visa Adds New Threat Detection to Prevent Payment Fraud

Visa is upping the ante in its fight against cybercrime by providing new anti-fraud solutions that aim to improve the security of transactions. The new tech includes threat detection and blocking technology that is immediately available to all customers for free. The firms is adding four new features, namely: Visa

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30 Jul 2019

Flaws Allow Hacker to Bypass Card Limits

New research by Positive Technologies has uncovered serious vulnerabilities that can enable threat actors to bypass payment limits during contactless payments. The flaws, which were tested for five UK banks but also for terminals in other countries, could allow hackers to steal unlimited amounts from contactless cards. Tim Yunuso of

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04 Jun 2019

US Now Requiring Visa Applicants to Provide Social Media Details

People applying for US visas, even tourist visas, will now have to provide their current and pas email addresses and phone numbers. In addition, they will have to submit five years’ worth of information about their activities on social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. The

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