26 Sep 2022

Russian Military-Recruitment Centers Attacked Amid Mobilization Pushback

Last week, Russia announced plans to mobilize 300,000 individuals to fight in the ware against Ukraine. Tensions have grown since the announcement after two military recruitment centers were attacked. In addition, lines of draft-age men have accumulated at Russia’s borders and in airports as the men attempt to leave the

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01 Jun 2022

Surging gang violence in Haiti’s capital leaves nearly 200 dead in one month

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) released a report this week, in which its findings regarding surging gang violence in Haiti were detailed. According to OCHA, the rampant gang violence in Port-au-Prince has left nearly 200 dead and thousands more displaced in May alone. The

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27 May 2022

Latest DRC violence has displaced more than 72,000 people

The eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo has seen fighting between the army and M23 rebels this past week. The conflict in this week alone has forced over 72,000 people to flee their homes, according to the United Nations.  The rebels, M23, claim to represent ethnic Tutsis in the region

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23 May 2022

Iran vows revenge after Revolutionary Guards colonel is assassinated

Following a deadly attack against a high ranking official in the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC), Iran’s President has promised to take revenge. Colonel Sayad Khodai was killed on Sunday in Tehran while he was sitting in his car outside of his home. Iranian officials reported that two gunmen on

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17 May 2022

Israeli police will investigate ‘events’ surrounding funeral of Palestinian journalist says Minister

Israeli police have publicly announced that they will hold an investigation into events that occurred during the funeral procession of deceased Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. The funeral occurred on Friday, and was marked by violent events committed on the part of those participating. Abu Akleh’s death has been

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25 Apr 2022

At least 168 killed in western Darfur violence, aid group says

At least 98 people have been injured and 168 have been killed in the western Darfur town of Kreinik in tribal clashes. The clashes is the latest increase in violence in the region.  Western Darfur is the home to many people who were displaced in the early 2000s due to

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30 Mar 2022

Palestinian Gunman Shoots Five Dead In Central Israel

On Tuesday, a Palestinian gunman killed five people in the third suspected terrorist attack in Israel in just one week. In the past few days, two attacks conducted by Arab citizens of Israel with suspected ties to the Islamic State have occurred, leaving security forces on high alert. Tuesday’s attack

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22 Mar 2022

Ethiopia pledges action after video shows uniformed men burning civilians alive

On Saturday, Ethiopia’s government claimed that it would act against the perpetrators featured in a video that appeared on social media. In the video, the perpetrators appear to be burning civilians to death in the country’s western region. The video showed some of the violent aggressors in uniform. According to

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18 Jan 2022

Iraq faces growing violence as political rift deepens

Fears of worsening violence looms in Baghdad, emphasizing the challenges faced by Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr, the leader of parliament’s biggest bloc as he attempts to form a majority government have October’s contested election. There were two explosions Sunday targeting two banks associated with Kurdish politicians in the Karrada district

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04 Oct 2021

Lakhimpur Kheri violence: India town tense after eight die in farmers’ protests

Violence broke out in a northern Indian town on Sunday during a protest against agricultural reforms. Eight people, including four protesting farmers, died in the Lakhimpur Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh. The clashes are alleged to have erupted after a car from a federal minister’s motorcade ran over two farmers.

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